Dollar and a Dream

This small photo project is the most conceptual of my work thus far. I wanted to make a bold statement with imagery and symbolism through photography. This tactic highlights the viewer perception rather than focusing on photographic skill and technique.

Although I did intentional employ harsh use of shadows and color correction, I think the photographic skills are important but not the focus. I wanted to make this project as abstract as possible. With an unidentified hand, building, and setting there is so much mystery left for the viewer to diagnose. The objects and the actions are what become the focal point. Treating our currency like trash is harsh but it also makes a valuable statement. We must ask, what is the real value of a dollar? What is implied is that the dollar is relative.

I was inspired by Tyler Shields, a revolutionary and controversial photographer who has done projects with a topless, meat-eating Mischa Barton; a bloody, knife-wielding Lindsay Lohan; and sweet Heather Morris of “Glee” all tied up in a rather domestic abuse-y setting.

His courageous and bold burning of an expensive handbag gives a similar effect that I feel I have created below. We give value to items, from living in society. Everything that is made has relative value. By setting an expensive bag, and even more directly a dollar bill on fire, it automatically puts value into question.




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