I dream of being a travel photographer some day. So, it was only natural that on my first trip to New Orleans, Louisianan (the furthest I’ve been from home) for me to take as many pictures as possible. I loved taking in the historical and vibrant surroundings that make “Nola” what she is today.

Over spring break, I got to explore the streets and I made sue to take several pictures with several different cameras. These particular photos were also take with a Konica T-reflex on color 35 mm film. I was hesitant to carry the heavy thing around because I was not all to sure how the lighting would fare.

When I saw the developed film I was so satisfied. I was able to create this mini collection of my adventures enjoying the city. Although the human subjects of these photos are never quite direct or even present I think that it adds to the mystery of the old city.

I was inspired by New Orleans native, Chandra McCormick, who has dedicated a large portion of her work to capturing the essence of New Orleans before the tragedy of hurricane Katrina hit. Often times, the city is only seen as a devastated ground full of destruction. But Nola is more than that and I’m glad I got to see it through my lens.


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