My kind of throw back

When people ask me what kinds of pictures I like to take, I become boggled. I’m a die- hard photographer and I love taking all kinds of pictures. To ask what I take pictures of is to ask painter what colors does he use?

I wanted this project to be a testament to the range of photography I enjoy. These photos were take with a Konica T 35mm film vintage camera. Yes, I still use film. No, I am not a hipster.

I am fascinated by the history and progression on photography and film as a whole. Therefore, I experiment with as many forms of the medium as possible. To really love a craft is to love all sides of it right?

I was inspired by photographer and blogger Steve Coleman, who is also an advocate of good old fashioned film. He takes the unique approach is doing nature photography that is somewhat abstract. He does not focus on clarity and composition, but the feeling he would like to emulate.

This type of photography really is a hit or miss. You only know what the shot looks like after developing them, which can be days or even weeks later. Overall, I am so please with this collection of my most recent nature film stills.


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