For Every Barbie

Everyday, we are bombarded with images, and subliminal messages from all kinds of media. Black women lack representation within many of these fields. Many people forget how much weight visual representation can hold. This intake of media to interpret the world begins when we are born. Product and brand loyalty begins as a child. For me, it began with dolls.

Now that my days of imagining with dolls are over I understand why my mother made sure I had dolls that looked like me. Or at least as close as she could find, because the options were, and still are limited.

With the surge of diverse dolls entering the market, I wanted to create this piece as a celebration, but also as a reminder. We, as black women are forcing our way into spaces that have been dominated by white faces for decades. These photos are symbolic of that shift. A shift that is slow and necessary.

When I am taking pictures I can envision a final product. These photos are the final product of an idea stemming from a nostalgic memory. With photography I am able to express the memories and feeling of my life which helps me to vent and be emotional healthy.I also got to express a view that is close to my heart. By taking photographs I am given the opportunity to be understood. This feeling is unmatched. To create, and to have someone empathize with me is my therapy.






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