Straight Ahead

For this collection of photos I wanted to take a juxtaposed approach to my previous post. In the lat series I took the challenge to avoid capturing the facial expressions of my subjects. I focused more so on capturing their surroundings and body language of others to tell the complete story.

The pictures below are all portraits of people looking head-on. I think they each have a different cadence. I wanted to make sure they were comfortable before shooting so I sat down with each of them before starting the shoot. Some of the photos I was commissioned to take and others I asked to take of them.

My strategy was to remain shooting in manual throughout each shoot. I feel that this gives me the ultimate amount of control and forces me to learn my camera much quicker. I had to find new ways create light and not rely on the usual flash.

I was inspired by photographer, mentor and friend Daniel Schaefer. His style embodies the ultimate use of surrounding light and simple editing. He manages to take what is in the atmosphere and tell the story of the person in his photo. They come across as almost effortless, and that is exactly how I want this portrait series to feel.






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